The Fruitport Leo Club was chartered in 2013 with 20 members. The club is sponsored by the Fruitport Lions Club and have an average of 22 members each year. There are two types of Leo club an alpha club made up of children ages 13-18 and an Omega club made up of young adults ages 19-30. Fruitport Leo Club is an alpha club and meets in the Fruitport High School. The club helps the Fruitport Lions with all of their events and, like their sponsor, Fruitport Lions Club, they provide their own service projects to the Fruitport Community but from an angle geared toward kids. They build ramps for residents that cannot afford them yet have mobility problems, organize a bike rodeo for kids to teach safety; they have taken over the Kiddie parade and kid activities at the band shell on Saturday of Old Fashioned Days, and have their own event “Way off Broadway Fruitport Style”. The talent show is put on Wednesday, the first day of Old Fashioned Days to help kick start the fun.

If you or your child is interested in helping our community give a call to Heidi Tice – Fruitport Lions liaison to the Fruitport Leo Club 231-578-6500, or contacts us through Facebook.