Fred Yonkers – Parade Chairperson

Barry Miller – Parade Secretary

e-mail to…

Dear Parade Participant:

Thank you for registering for the Fruitport Memorial Day Parade which starts* at 2:00pm on Memorial Day.  Last-minute changes may be necessary due to things beyond our control (street closures, parking lot repairs etc.), but most likely this plan will hold… Check back here for changes any time:

  • You may assume that your registration has been accepted if you registered on line or by regular mail.  You will likely not hear from us again until…
  • About one-week prior to the parade you will receive (by regular or e-mail) final instructions, your parade registration/ID# and marshaling (reporting) instructions.
  • The latest information is always available on line at, follow links to Old Fashioned Days Parade.

Parade Day – Please remember…

  1. Bring your parade ID# or even better…  Bring a copy of your final registration letter/ID# with you!  The ID# helps us direct you to your marshalling location and allows us to identify you for announcement at the reviewing stand.
  2. *We start lining up at 12:30pm and remind participants that…  Getting into and around Fruitport can be a very difficult on this one day of the year.
  3. We will give you a colorful card containing your ID number as you enter the marshalling area.  Please prominently display the number on the left-front of your parade entry (under a windshield wiper, etc.) or have someone assigned to “flash” it toward the reviewing stand (near the intersection of Pontaluna Rd. & 3rd St) as you pass.  This allows the announcer to properly recognize and/or announce you.

Parade Marshaling areas will be: 1.) Edgewood Elementary and the 2.) Middle School parking lots on Pontaluna Road.  A map can be found HERE on-line.  Lions Club members (usually identifiable by their chrome-yellow vest and/or hat) will direct you to your assigned holding area when you enter the lot.

Your “Type of Entry” determines your marshalling (reporting) instructions and location…

  • Political entries report to Middle School parking lot along Pontaluna Rd. (enter at the east end driveway please).
  • Floats, Marching Units, Miscellaneous Motorized Units (tractors etc.) including LARGER displays (semi-trucks etc.) report to the main, east-side Middle School parking lot.
  • Horse Units will be in the field between the Middle School and Edgewood Elementary.
  • Car Clubs AND Individual (Antique/Classic) Automobiles report to the Edgewood School parking lot along Pontaluna Rd. (enter at the west end driveway please).

If your group consists of children and/or students who will be dropped off to participate in the parade…  Please provide a copy of your final registration letter/ID# to all participants.

Groups dropping off members of marching units, persons riding on floats etc.   Please use the driveway in front of the Middle School (enter at the far west end please).  There will also be a LIMITED (first-come) area for parking your vehicle if all passengers are participating in the parade.  Enter at the west end and tell the driveway monitors if you will be dropping-off or wish to park.

We hope you will have a great time at the parade