What a wonderful time had by all. It was a cold 2 days but we had some snow, hot chocolate and a lot of singing.  New this year we added a performance tent. This helped to allow more areas to sit and eat and a wonderful break from the weather for the performing choirs and bands.

 Class I  Ages 5-8

 1st Place ~ Jordyn, Landon, Nash & Max Barrer (Twins were 7 yrs old) The Peekacho Crew

2nd Place ~ Annibel Christensen  Age 8 yrs  Chanzard (Brown/Orange Dragon)

3rd Place ~ Ella Cowles  Age 7 yrs. Yellow Peace Bus

 Class II

 1st Place ~ Chase Kolberg  Age 9 yrs.  Orange Dragon

2nd Palce ~ Jacqui Olthof  Age 12 yrs. Blue Kyogre

3rd Palce ~ Levi Glynn  Age 10 yrs. Yellow Peekachoo

picture to follow soon