Parade Rules and Regulations

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Parade Rules and Regulations

All applications are subject to final approval by Fruitport Lions Old Fashioned Days Parade Committee which reserves the right to accept or deny any applicant for any reason. All entries must comply with the following simple, common sense parade rules and regulations:

  1. But first, we shall never forget… The core reason for this and all Memorial Day celebration is to honor the memory of members of the United States armed forces who died in military service for their country.
  2. Safety… The safety of both parade participants and spectators is our uppermost consideration and goal.
      • All units must be soundly constructed and properly maintained to insure safe operation.
      • A fire extinguisher and first aid kit must be accessible on every float.
      • Tossing or throwing anything from floats or vehicles during the parade is strictly prohibited for the safety of the children lining the streets. Items may be handed out to spectators by people walking along the edge of the roadway.
      • An assured safe interval must be maintained between parade units while striving to eliminate large gaps in the parade.
      • Burnouts, racing and other unsafe activities are absolutely against the law. Law enforcement officials are present along the parade route and tickets will be issued. We also remind participants of open receptacle laws.
  3. You’re Part of a Great (not-so) Little Show… There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people coming to watch us on the street and local/community television/radio. Therefore:
      • Floats and unique entries will be given a preference in the final selection of parade participants.
      • All units must be clean and/or appropriately  decorated to honor Memorial Day and enhance the image of the Old Fashioned Days Parade and its hosts The Fruitport Lions Club.
      • Floats or groups may not be accepted if they are intended primarily for individual or organizational gain.
      • Persons walking along-side of the entries are encouraged to wear matching clothing or costumes to make them an integral part of the unit.
      • Tow vehicles must be clean and appropriate in appearance. Any added, non-original equipment signage or display that is commercial in nature (on tow vehicle, float, or any other display) will make it subject to the Commercial Entry Donation (see item 5 below).
      • The Reviewing Stand is close to the intersection of Pontaluna Road & 3rd Street and is where participants are announced. Bands and other musical entries are encouraged to continue playing while passing the reviewing stand and television location(s). Please be sure to prominently display your entry ID/registration number toward the reviewing stand to allow them to identify/announce you (if applicable).
      • Animal units must be accompanied by their own clean-up unit (unless you’ve made prior arrangements with the parade committee). The parade is three miles in length. You must provide for proper care of animals including water and the ability to rest (on an accompanying conveyance).
      • If music or sound is to be used, please indicate this on your application.
  4. Car Clubs & Individual Vehicle Entries:
      • There may be a limit placed on individual automobile/light truck entries. Individual applications are considered “first come, first served.”
      • Car club and individual vehicles will be released into the parade two abreast whenever possible. If released 2-abreast we expect you to maintain this configuration.
  5. Commerical/Political Entries: “Commercial Entry” is loosely defined as a for-profit business or candidate for elected office that chooses to distribute fliers or display signage / symbols which would generally be considered publicity or advertising.
      • Official Old Fashioned Days Sponsors are exempt from this fee.
      • A “Commercial or Political Entry Fee” must accompany all commercial or political candidate parade entries. The entry fee amount will be set by the committee each year. Payment instructions (on-line or by mail) will be specified in annual application instructions.
  6. Participation Agreement
      • Please do not apply for entry into the parade if you do not understand and/or agree to abide by these simple, common-sensee rules.
      • Operators of all vehicles and motorized units – must have a valid and current operators license for the class of vehicle being operated. All units must be operated in such a manor to insure the safety of both parade spectators and participants.
      • All entries must be covered by appropriate insurance.
      • Indemnification – by applying for and/or participating in the Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Parade, the applicant/participant agrees to hold harmless (indemnify) Lions Club International and the Fruitport Lions Club, their officers, and members from any claims, actions, or damages resulting from participation in this parade.